Because Provincial Health Care Insurance Plans do not cover Travel Medicine consults , a $80 fee   is charged for the assessment and consultation per  traveller. The final cost for travel vaccines will be determined after the consultation with the attending health professional. A receipt with the Drug Identification Number (DIN) will be provided to you at the end of each of your visits for submission to your private health insurance plan for re-imbursement .

Life is full of stress triggers; let us help you make your visit pleasant. Here is what we offer in exchange of the honour of your visit:

High Quality Standards 
Competitive Pricing on all Vaccines &  Travel Products
Accessible Location
Available on site parking & Free Street Parking permitted
Modern, computerised, clean office 

Vaccines on Site - including  
 MultiVitamin Booster Shots/ Weight Loss Injections from $ 40

Shingles Vaccine / ShingRix  ( Age 55+ ) DIN 02468425
 High Dose FluZone DIN 02445646 / Prevnar 13 DIN 02244081 
 Men B / Bexero ( Ages 2mo-17 years) DIN 02417030 

 Men B / Trumemba ( Ages 10-25 ) DIN 02468751
 Menactra -Meningitis ACYW-135 (Ages 2-55) DIN 02347393
 Gardasil 9/ HPV Vaccine ( Females 13-46) DIN 02437058
 Vivaxim -Hep A & Typhoid -  DIN 02248361 
 Twinrix  DIN 02230578/DIN 02237548-kids ( 1-16 years)
 Yellow Fever ( ages 9mon + ) DIN 00428833
 Japanese Encephalitis DIN 02333279 
 Rabies Vaccine  DIN 01908286 , FluMist  (Age 2-17 )DIN 2352621
 Insect Repellants - PiActive , Natrapel-DEET free sprays from $20
 Dukoral Travellers Diarrhea Vaccine - 2 Dose  - DIN  02247208

Single Consults at $80  , Family Consults at $120.
We accept Cash, Debit/ Interac, Visa or Mastercard.

Travel Vaccine Consults and Costs of Vaccines